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Who we are

Minders Montessori School was set up in 1996 (twenty two years ago) to cater for children 3months to 5years. Our parents having seen the unparalleled service rendered by Minders, demanded for an upgrade to primary. The primary section started in 2006; MINDERS MONTESSORI has established a strong academic tradition based on building children up to be confident, knowledgeable individuals capable of meeting challenges in life.

Children of MINDERS MONTESSORI can apply their knowledge in any given relevant situation. They are curious about contemporary things because with us, the child is central and as such we devote our time, interest and knowledge to allow for individuality in all our work, identifying the child as an active agent in his/her learning rather than a passive receiver of information. Above all they are enthusiastic about excellence.

Our methodology is based on the child being an active learner, as we are an advocate of the Montessori Method which allows the child to develop at his/her own pace. This method allows children achieve their full potentials.

The teaching approach is child centered and not imposing. It is a structured and carefully planned environment in which he/she can learn and grow at his/her own pace along the lines of natural development with the teacher acting as a guide.

We also run an integrated structured training programme which offers continuity, stability and programme development from age three(3) months to twelve (12) years. We are constantly at work researching, evolving, improving and adapting quality-wise to offer our pupils the preparation for life they deserve. In our usual way of seeking excellence, we are always looking for that extra thing that sets us apart from our peers.

We are glad to also inform you of our Minders Nursery Day Lekki outlet a comfortable place to keep your child while you work, a complete Pre School for excellent overall development of your child where the enhancement of his / her self esteem is of prime importance.

Junior Infant class of 2017
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The Mission of Minders Montessori School is to provide the best education in a happy learning environment. To enable the child compete with the best of his/her peers by providing first class FACILITIES, up-to-date TEACHING AIDS, QUALIFIED TEACHERS, well equipped LIBRARY using the MONTESSORI approach to learning where each child is enabled to develop to his/her full potential.
  • We produce children who are high achievers academically
  • Children who are respectful and honest
  • Children who are compassionate, consistent and creative
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At Minders Montessori School, we are guided by our Values and Principles. Our Values and Principles are quite literally at the heart of our organisation’s ethos and culture, and identify how each member of the Minders family contributes to the whole.

  • Honesty & Respect
  • Accountability & Teamwork
  • Inclusiveness & Enjoyment
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