6 Things To Say To Your Child During Exams

In continuation of our exams series, we would recommend certain methods that would help your child(ren) write their exams without much feeling of stress. It’s no longer news that your child needs to be tested to actually retain all that has been imparted in them. And that is the basis of this post- to enhance the help you’re giving them. With these few tips, you will say and do just the things they will need to make them ready for exams.

1. Remember the Food: This time, focus on good but light food. As much as you can, keep sugary cereals or treats from them this time. Instead, opt for foods that will slowly release their energy like Eggs, fruit, or bread. Sugary foods have their way of causing concentration swings and are not ideal for the concentration of little ones.

2. Toilet Before Exams: To avoid disruption and distraction of the flow of thought, it is wise they visit the toilet before the exam starts. Taking toilet-breaks while writing exam might reduce their concentration.

3. Skim Over The Exam Paper: Let them understand how beautiful it is to soak-in information before setting off to write the answers. Skimming over the papers helps them to process the information without much ado.

4. Speed Differs: Advice your child that the rate at which other children submit their note should not be a determinant of when they submit their works. So, they should enjoy their works while being conscious of the time set for the exam itself.

5. Give Them A Token: In a research published by the Association of Psychological Science, it was proven that having some kind of lucky token can actually improve people’s performance. This same goes for children. Giving them a bible verse or something might boost their confidence.
A research, published on www.sciencedaily.com, showed that even a simple press of thumbs on someone and telling them you use that to wish them luck or God’s best always have a good effect on their confidence. So, why not grab your child’s head and kiss it as your own form of lucky token?

6. You First! Exam Second: Understanding that you love them regardless of their result has a way of boosting their confidence. Make them realize that you will love to see them excel but will always esteem them than anything in the world.
All in all, elevate their level of positivity. You have been doing a good job with that and should intensify your effort now that they need it more.

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