Top 5 Foods for Exam Period

In our last blog post, we discussed things you need to help your child prepare for exams. Good Nutrition is another thing that can’t be disputed in preparation for exams. Exam periods are always stressful for both parents as well as the child. But Minders School has discovered ways you can use foods to reduce the tension that comes with this period.
We will highlight some brain-fuel foods that you should make a priority for this exam period.

1. Protein: As with any protein, they help to build tissues. Our major recommendation is to get more of eggs because eggs contain choline, that helps in memory develop the brain.
2. Glucose: Foods rich in glucose have been known to help in the normal functioning of the brain. When you give children foods like brown rice and oatmeal, you have a greater chance of helping them in the development of their hungry mind.
3. Omega 3 Fatty Acids: Foods like eggs, yoghurts are known to have these fatty acids in abundance. They help in the development of mental skills as well as cognitive functions.

4. Antioxidants: Any food in this category can easily help in the prevention of free radical damages as well as in aiding the development of the cognitive function of any child. You will find them in abundance in foods like berries, tomatoes, sweet tomatoes, carrots, spinach.
5. B-Vitamins: When you give your child milk and yoghurt, you have provided with the ability to have their brain energize. More so, their neurotransmitters would be developed.

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